This is Livi

As long as we have engaged employees buying into our mission, vision and values, we will succeed

Anna Fredrixon Chief HR Officer

One Team - One Dream

Regardless of role, remit or project, we always put our patients first and work tirelessly to make their lives easier. 

We collaborate. We communicate. We help. We act without prestige and put great ideas before ourselves. We’re happy for each other when things are rosy, but it’s when things go south that we really come together and support each other.

A few of our amazing colleagues

"I take a lot of pride in doing something for a good purpose"

Prem Desai Graphic Designer

"Livi is the only company I have been at that really live it's values"

Asra Abdul Hadi Head of Marketing Technology

"We want our teams to be able to make decisions on their own"

Agnes, Fabiola & Arvid R&D

"You can't ignore that we we do, does have real impact"

Juliet Wesley Senior Product Manager

"It really shines though that we put the patients first"

Nemanja Bacic Global Business & M&A Analyst

"Livi delivered on it's promise"

Daniel Vázquez Head of IT

"I longed to work with something important again"

Hanna Nilsson Andrén Head of Security

"It's amazing to be able to work so tight with the people I hire"

Niklas Holmqvist Talent Partner


We’re on a mission to build better and more accessible healthcare


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